Which Survey Do I Need?

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The chart below sets out a brief overview of what you can expect from each level of report. Much will depend upon the nature of the property you are buying and your intentions.

It is always best to discuss your requirements with one of our local surveyors so we can fully understand your concerns and ensure you get the best survey advice. Your general queries may be answered in Further Help or feel free to call us on 0845 600 2240.

Please Note:
Remember a Mortgage Valuation is primarily for the Mortgage Lender and is NOT a survey.

Acorn Report Levels Building Survey RICS Homebuyers Survey and Valuation Report Market Valuation
Surveyor available to talk before and after report Yes Yes Yes
Advice on value and reinstatement for insurance Yes * Yes Yes
A statement on the general condition Yes Yes Yes
A detailed inspection of all accessible areas Yes Yes No
General advice on defects, repair and recommended further investigations Yes Yes No
Detailed advice on condition, repair, the need for further investigation and future maintenance Yes No No
Suitable for older, larger, altered, neglected or unusual properties Yes No Yes

* This can be provided as an extra